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The Hindu ePaper PDF – Read and Download The Hindu e-Paper Online for free in the format of PDF that is available for reading just for educational purposes only. It will benefit the students as well as those people who are not afforded the subscription of The Hindu Newspaper.

The regular reading habit of the newspaper like The Hindu e-Paper will be benefited in the preparation of government as well as competitive examinations. The Hindu e-Paper will be available in the morning after 7 AM on a daily basis except the holidays decided by The Hindu publication.

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How to Download The Hindu ePaper PDF?

The procedure to download The Hindu e-Paper is as simple as reading the newspaper.

  • Explore the List of available e-Papers of The Hindu
  • Choose the appropriate date of the Newspaper you want to read
  • Click on the Download Link button
  • After that, you will be taken to the PDF Page of The Hindu e-Paper for the selected date
  • Now you are all set to read and download the Newspaper of The Hindu online.

Note – You must have the paid subscription or 7 days free trial to download the Free PDF everyday for The Hindu ePaper.

Overview of The Hindu Newspaper

Official Name of Publication The Hindu
Founded Year 1878
Owner The Hindu Group, and Kasturi & Sons Limited
Headquarters Chennai, India
Type Daily newspaper
Language of ePaper English
Area of Circulation India
Size of Circulation 14 Lakh+ (as of December 2019)
Official Website


The e-Paper and PDF available for The Hindu Newspaper is just for an educational purpose and we are not claiming to be the owner of the publication. We ( just want to make sure that e-Paper of The Hindu would be available free for students and users who are not capable to pay the subscription fees of The Hindu Newspaper. If you afford to buy the subscription of The Hindu e-Paper then we request you to subscribe to the paid version from the Official website of The Hindu to support them to maintain their standards and quality of newspaper in the future as well for their readers.

If you are the owner of The Hindu Publication and have a complaint or if you think that it is violating your policy then you can feel free to mail us at

The Hindu ePaper Today Free PDF Download Links

Here is the list of all available e-Paper of The Hindu Newspaper in the PDF format. We have listed the e-Papers by dates so it will be easier for students and users to find The Hindu e-Paper easily on their selected dates. The latest Newspaper of The Hindu will be available for download every morning around 7 AM.

The Hindu ePaper May 2021

The Hindu not only has its recognition as one of the oldest newspapers in the country. It is also the very first newspaper that brought the concept of e-paper to India. The Hindu started its first e-paper in the year 1996. Summit Information Technologies Ltd started publishing the e-paper for The Hindu.

When you visit the website for The Hindu e-paper, you can come across a wide range of benefits that it offers to its readers. Some of the important benefits that the e-paper talks about are mentioned here.

Date Download Link
11th May 2021 Download Here

About The Hindu

The Hindu Group publishes the English newspaper The Hindu that has its headquarters in Chennai, India.

The Hindu has a history to unveil to understand its importance in the existence of free India. Way back, in the year 1878, 2 teachers and 4 law students came together in Madras to start the weekly newspaper The Hindu. Though the publication of the newspaper started in the year 1878 as a weekly newspaper, soon it became a daily publication from the year 1889. The main aim of this newspaper was to raise a voice against the British Raj. Initially, the newspaper was being printed in the Scottish Press but soon it got its own press that was named as The National Press.

The Hindu is not just one of the oldest newspapers in the country but also one of the most highly circulated English newspapers in the country. Today, everyone is aware of the newspaper The Times of India as it has the highest circulation in the country when it comes to English newspapers. The circulation of The Hindu is just on the 2nd rank after The Times of India. By now, it is being published from 21 different locations to be circulated to as many as 11 different states of the country.

Not only the circulation of the newspaper has increased but also the newspaper has evolved regularly to offer the best experience to its readers.

The Hindu ePaper Features

When you visit the website for The Hindu e-paper, you can come across a wide range of benefits that it offers to its readers. Some of the important benefits that the e-paper talks about are mentioned here.

Replica in Digital Form:

The e-paper of The Hindu is the exact replica of the actual newspaper. The only difference is that the e-paper is available in a digital format. No more hassle of carrying a messy newspaper when you can carry the e-paper on your device.

Compatible on Different Devices:

The e-paper is compatible with different devices so that you can open up the PDF and start reading the news articles whenever and wherever you wish to.

Special Features:

The e-paper comes along with a number of special features for the convenience of the readers such as the facility of saving news articles, accessing archives for 60 days, reading aloud, and easy search options.

It is due to the existence of the e-Paper of The Hindu that the newspaper has become even more popular today.

The Benefit of Reading The Hindu ePaper

When it is about any competitive exams such as SSC, UPSC, and others, reading newspapers turns out to be one of the most important elements. It is because daily news and current affairs is an important segment of any competitive exams. Such things also form to be an important section for selection processes such as IAS interview.

Among different newspaper options available today, only a few of the options are such that can be relied upon for unbiased and worthy news articles. Amidst various such newspaper options, The Hindu is also known to be one that one can follow for the preparation of such competitive exams.

Here are some of the benefits due to which The Hindu is a great option for preparing for the competitive exams. 

Lesser Advertisements:

Today most of the newspapers are half-covered with different advertisements. If you are looking for a newspaper that has much lesser advertisements and more news articles, The Hindu is the option that you should go for.

More Focused on Current Affairs:

Newspapers such as The Telegraph have become a combination of news as well as entertainment. But when you are preparing for competitive exams, you need to rely upon a newspaper where you can get more of current affair news items that can be helpful for your knowledge. The Hindu offers you such an option. Whether you are reading through the offline newspaper or you have subscribed to its e-paper, you can surely get the best current affair updates.

On The Go Read:

The e-paper option is one of the best benefits that you can avail while you are preparing for your competitive exams. It is compatible with different devices so that you can go through the news articles even when you are traveling. Also, as an application, you can get various features in it that will make your reading even more convenient such as making the application read out the news while you are doing some other tasks.

Saving Articles:

When you are preparing for the competitive exams, one of the major things that you need to do is to make notes from the newspapers too. But this can be quite a daunting task in which you have to invest your time. The Hindu e-paper offers you the facility of saving the news articles that you think are important. If you have saved these articles appropriately, you can check them out whenever and wherever you wish to as per your convenience.

Thus, whether you are a regular newspaper reader or you are preparing for a national-level exam for your career ahead, The Hindu has turned out to be a great benefit.

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