10 Newspaper Blogs You Should Read

There are so many people today who do blogging as a hobby. But there are so many readers out there who rely on these blogs for regular or for some specific information. This trend has recently also encouraged many of the newspapers to start their blogging section.

HuffPost, BuzzFeed, Mashable, Business Insider, and many others are some of the top international newspaper blogs that have been trending for more than a decade now.

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India is home to a wide number of newspapers from different regions of the country and in different languages. Hence, there are several such newspaper blogs available in the country today.

If you have been searching for the best and the most reliable newspaper blogs in the country lately, here is a list that you can follow.

  1. Times of India:

As of now, The Times of India is one of the most popular English newspapers across the country. The blog site of the newspaper offers news blogs from within the country as well as outside the country. Some of the most common niches covered by the blog are sports, health, entertainment, and business. There are also at times opinion blogs from some of the leading columnists of time. If your purpose is just to get acquainted with what is happening around you, subscribing to the Times of India blog is a great idea.

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  1. NDTV News:

NDTV blogs are quite trending as they offer different blog websites for different niches. For example, for the gadget and technology section, they have the blog site of NDTV Gadgets. Similarly, they have several other blogs on diverse genres such as sports, business, entertainment, and many others. The blogs of NDTV not just offer written blogs but also display impressive and communicative images, videos, and live posts. The frequency of the blog posts on the sites is quite decent depending upon the happenings around.

  1. India Today:

Lately, many people got offended by the biased and made-up news stories on different news television channels. But when it is about the blogs, the brands have maintained their integrity. You will find fresh blogs each day on the website of India Today. Also, the blog site covers a diverse range of topics from diverse niches such as sports, entertainment, business, health, travel, and many others. You can state it as a perfect blog site where you will get several topics on one single platform.

  1. The Indian Express:

If you are looking for some authentic content options on several happenings with the country, one of the best options that you can have is that of The Indian Express. It covers a wide number of topics from sports and entertainment to business and also current events. The blog site is quite regular at posting current happenings so that you can go through it regularly without issues. Apart from blogs on news happenings and similar topics, The Indian Express blogs also offer you editorial columns and opinions of many experts to read on.

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  1. The Hindu:

If you are a serious reader, you should definitely go for nothing else than The Hindu blogs. The blog not just uploads regular news events and blogs on different topics, but also offer much higher quality than the other blog options prevailing today. They do not just offer you a conclusion of anything but they offer you an analysis so that you understand why the blog is stating such a conclusion. Also, it offers in-depth information on whatever topics that it is covering such as business, politics, entertainment, sports, or something else. They are known to update their website with an average of 30 posts per day.

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  1. Firstpost:

Firstpost blogs may not post their blogs at a much higher frequency, but if you are looking for something of quality content, this is the option that you can go for. This website covers most of the Indian news that comes from various sectors such as entertainment, sports, politics, business, and others. Apart from the Indian current happenings, the blog site also offers you a hint of the blogs coming from different parts of the world. Hence, if you are looking for something that can offer you information from within the country as well as outside the country you should surely subscribe to Firstpost.

  1. Business Standard:

Are you seeking your career in the finance sector? If your specialization is in the stock market, you need to have a habit of checking out the condition of the market every now and then. Of course, you may have installed several applications on your smartphone in order to have a keen eye on the happenings of the stock market. But you may also need to read certain blogs that may offer you some extra information apart from just what is happening in the market. Business Standard is one such blog option that you can go through for analysis, live quotes, and similar options available. Apart from detailed information on several financial activities, it also offers you blogs on several other topics such as politics from time to time.

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  1. Deccan Chronicle:

If you are preparing for some kind of competitive exams, you will require quality and not quantity. The blog site by Deccan Chronicle offers a maximum of 18 blogs each day after intense research and survey. The blogs are of high-quality and are on diverse topics such as current happenings within India as well as across the world. All the blogs provided by Deccan Chronicle are not just researched and written properly but are also well-supported by proper images as well as analysis.

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  1. Free Press Journal:

As the name suggests, Free Press Journal is not biassed towards any party in the country. The blog site has content on diverse niches such as the latest news of politics, business, sports, entertainment, and current happenings. Apart from such news blogs, the blog site also offers blogs written on several other topics such as health, food, travel, and many others. It posts new blogs in different sections each day so that you can read something fresh each day.

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  1. The Quint:

One newspaper blog site that is lately getting quite famous is The Quint. This blogsite covers the latest news happenings as well as also presents its analysis whenever and wherever required. The Quint is known to be a complete package as it offers the latest news happenings for serious readers, technology blogs for the technology geeks, and Bollywood gossips for entertainment lovers. With about 30 posts a day, the blogsite is slowly getting momentum among the audience and more number of people are slowly subscribing to it for its appealing content.

So, these were the top 10 newspaper blogs that you should read depending upon the requirement that you have. But apart from these blogs, there are also many other blogs that you can go through if you wish to. Some of them are See Latest, Social Samosa, DKoding, and many others. With an increasing amount of irritating debates and false claims in news channels, most serious audiences prefer to turn to newspapers to get genuine news. But at times just news is not enough. Newspaper blogs offer you research and analysis of different news and also cover topics from regular life. Also, the convenience of reading the blogs on your smartphone from anywhere and anytime has made the demand for newspaper blogs soar even more.

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